How do Sandglaz notifications work?

Sandglaz notifications help you stay on top of team communication. When you get Sandglaz notifications, a blue dot will appear over the icon that opens your sidebar.

When you open the sidebar, the number of notifications you have will appear on the notifications icon. 


Here's when you will receive notifications: 

§  when a team member comments on a task you are tagged in, mentions you in a comment with your @username or when someone comments on a task you have previously commented on

§  when a task is assigned or unassigned to you

§  when a task you are tagged in is changed 

§  30 minutes before a task is due 

§  when a team member changes the name or number of rows or the sprint in a project that is shared with you 

§  when a task you are tagged in is completed or uncompleted 

§  when a project is shared or unshared with you 

§  the occasional news announcement from Sandglaz 

Clicking the bell will show you the latest notifications. On top of this, clicking on a task's name will open the task. Selecting on a project's name will load the project. 

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