A closer look at projects

We saw how you can customize My Tasks. Now, let’s see how you can further customize your projects. 

By default, projects come with two rows. They’re labeled as Important and Less Important.  If you make a third row, its label will be Not Important. 

To add the third row, open your sidebar and click on the project’s name. Then, click Settings. Under “Number of Rows,” you can choose to have between one and three rows.

You can use labels to categorize long-running themes within your projects. To change a label's name, simply click on it and start typing. You can change the labels to represent different parts of the project. For example, if I run a blog, I might have the following labels: “Research,” “Content” and “Editing.”

You can also reorder the projects so that you have quicker access to the ones you use most often. Open the sidebar and simply drag and drop a project’s name.

To get the most out of projects, check out how to customize a project's sprints and how to share your projects with team members.

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