Collaborating in Sandglaz

Sandglaz allows you to seamlessly collaborate with team members on projects. To do so, you can simply share a project with your team members.

Sharing a project

In your sidebar, select a project. This lets you see the Share option. Clicking on it gives you the window shown below. This project hasn’t been shared with anyone yet, as its owner is the only one who has access to it. 

To share it with someone, click “Share with.” Then, enter his email address. You also have the option of including a personal message. Click the Share button to complete sharing. 

If the person you’re sharing the project with is already a Sandglaz user, they will see a notification when they log in next, telling them that you’ve shared a project. They will also receive an email.

If the person isn’t using Sandglaz already, he'll receive an invitation through email to sign up. He’ll see the shared project when he’s done signing up.


When you share a project, you can also select a role for your team members. 

Owners can edit sharing and project settings, as well as the tasks in that project. 

Editors can edit the tasks, but can’t change the sharing and project settings.

Readers can only view the contents of the project. They can’t make any changes. 

Privacy matters

When you share a project with someone, they will only be able to see that project. The person you share the project with will not have access to your My Tasks or other projects. In other words, each project can only be seen by its unique set of collaborators.

Assigning tasks with usertags 

Now that you've shared your project, you can start assigning tasks by adding usertags. This is as simple as adding the “@” sign and the username of the person to whom you’re assigning the task. This way, you can assign tasks to others without clicking on anything.

You can even assign pre-existing tasks, just by adding a usertag within that task. You can also assign a task to multiple users by adding more than one usertag. 

If you click on usertags, you will filter all the tasks that team member is working on, just like when you filter hashtags. This allows you to see what everyone on your team is currently involved in and what they have coming up. 

TIP: Assign tasks to yourself so that others can see what you’re busy with. 

Commenting on tasks 

Commenting allows you to have conversations with team members within the expanded task view, whether you’re on a desktop or using a mobile device. To start commenting on your tasks, simply expand the task, add your comments and hit enter.

Your collaborators will see the comments within the task detail, in real time sync. 

You can also tag team members within comments, even if they're not tagged in the task. As long as the project is shared with them, they will receive an email and notification telling them that you've tagged them. 

When the task detail is closed, the commenting label will show you if there are any comments on the task. This label looks like a speech bubble.

Next, let’s take a closer look at sprints.

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