Intro to Sandglaz

Welcome to Sandglaz! This guide covers the basics of managing tasks, projects and My Tasks.

Tasks: adding, completing, deleting and reordering

To get started in Sandglaz, click “Add A Task” and type it in. 

To create a new task, press enter once you've finished typing the current one. This lets you create new tasks without clicking on anything.

To complete a task, check the complete square and you will see the task move to the completed box. 

Deleting a task is as simple as pressing backspace or delete in the task until it's gone. You can also hover over a task and click the expand icon. In the expanded view, click “Delete Task.”

Reorder tasks by dragging and dropping them. This allows you to prioritize your tasks for the day. 

If a task doesn't get completed, Sandglaz will automatically move it to the next day or sprint for you. With this feature, you don't have to worry about any tasks getting left behind.

My Tasks

My Tasks is what you first see when you sign in to Sandglaz. It aggregates all your tasks into a single, unified view. This gives you a daily view of all your tasks and allows you to prioritize them. 

You can scroll back to see what tasks you have completed in the past. You can also scroll forward to see what's coming up. Simply hover over the left or right side of Sandglaz to expose arrows that let you scroll.


A project is a workspace where you can organize all the tasks related to the same project. You can share these projects with team members to allow for seamless collaboration. 

To create a project, open your sidebar by clicking the three horizontal lines in the top-left corner of Sandglaz. Scroll to the bottom and click “Add a Project.” Then, type in the project’s name.

Projects give you a weekly view of your tasks, but you can customize the sprints according to your needs. 

Using hashtags

Sandglaz allows you to use hashtags, similar to how you’d use them on Twitter or Google+.

Hashtags can help you further categorize your tasks. For example, if you have some tasks related to a new design, you can type “#newdesign” into a task. Clicking on the hashtag will filter all the tasks that contain it into a single view.

The someday column

If you have some tasks you want to get done in the future, but you're not sure when, you can add them to the someday column. 

The someday column is where you can see all the tasks from future 
sprints. The column also holds tasks that you want to complete someday, but don't have an exact deadline. 

This covers the basics of Sandglaz. Next, let's see how you can collaborate and share projects.

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