Sync Sandglaz tasks to iCal products (e.g. Google Calendar, Apple iCal, Outlook)

First, generate the iCal URL for My Tasks or for the Sandglaz project you would like to sync. Second, copy and paste the URL into any Calendar product that supports the iCal format (e.g. Google CalendarApple iCalOutlook). The frequency with which the tasks will sync depends on the calendar product you are using.

How do I generate my iCal Url?

In the sidebar, select My Tasks or the project you would like to sync. Click Settings to open a dialogue box. Then, select "Generate iCal URL.” This will generate a new URL for My Tasks or for the selected project. Do not share this URL with anyone; each person a project is shared with can generate their own unique URL. You can reset the URL any time.

Which tasks are included in the feed?

Calendar products will normally only sync events (and not tasks) to the calendar. For this reason, the Sandglaz iCal feed is designed to export tasks as events. The feed only includes uncompleted tasks, and tasks in the 'Someday' tab will not be included.

Tasks will be synced to match their due date, if they have one. Otherwise they will be synced to the date of the sprint they are in. There is also an option to include only tasks with due dates in the calendar export. This can be useful if you usually have a number of tasks rolling over from previous sprints and don't want them all to show up on the current day in your calendar.

Tasks with due dates will have an alarm of 15 minutes before the due date in the feed. Not all calendar products sync alarms.

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